November 20, 2022
Air-conditioned rooms are in danger!

Air-conditioned rooms are in danger!

Air-conditioned rooms are in danger!

Who else has air conditioning or AC friends on hot days! Although in the office or in the car, the air conditioner is always running. But do you know that this ACE is seriously damaging your precious eyes?

According to experts, the body needs fresh air. The body also needs fresh light and air for proper metabolism.

But it is not possible with artificial cold air of AC. Prolonged exposure to air-conditioned rooms can cause serious eye problems.

According to a report of Indian media Anandabazar, AC has a negative effect on the body. Air conditioners reduce the humidity in the air, due to which our body stays dry.

It makes our skin dry, sometimes itchy. And when the air humidity decreases, it affects the eyes. In the language of science, it called ‘evaporative dry eyes’. So doctors say that AC is also harmful for our eyes.

Experts say that the eyelids contain all the glands that secrete water. Affections also lost. Prolonged exposure to AC also damages these lipid-producing glands in the eyelids. May also affect the lacrimal gland. All in all, the eyes begin to itch.

The biggest side effect of staying in an AC room is headache. It has  seen that headache and migraine pain increases after staying in AC room for a long time.

This is mainly due to the decrease in air quality when the AC is running. If the air conditioner stays in the room for a long time, the tendency of headache increases due to drying of the body.

Besides, hair and skin become rough and dry due to AC, breathing problems, asthma-allergy and many other problems. Therefore, if such a problem occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

And in case of eye problems, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist. If not treated in time, the eyes can become so dry that it can lead to problems such as bloodshot eyes and constant watery eyes.

Its symptoms are somewhat similar to those of conjunctivitis. A delay in treatment can lead to corneal ulcers. In that case a corneal transplant may also required.đź”±