March 23, 2023

Australian Man Charged with Abduction of Four-Year-Old

An Australian man has been charged with abduction after a four-year-old girl was found in his car. The police were alerted by the child’s mother, who had seen a Facebook post from a member of the public who saw the man and recognized him as being wanted for abducting another girl just three months ago. Police have not released any information about what led them to suspect this individual, but they are investigating whether he is responsible for other crimes against children as well as adults. Aside from abduction charges, the man is also facing unrelated charges of possessing a weapon.

Police in Peru have found a group of at least 80 children who had been living with monkeys and anacondas in a forest. The children had been living with three men who were known to them as The Grandfather, The Uncle, and The Brother. The men did not feed the children properly, and did not take them to school or allow them access to any health care. This neglect led many of the children to develop physical deformities due to lack of sunlight exposure and other issues. The authorities also believe that some of these children may have been sexually abused by the three men. The children were taken to a shelter, where they are receiving medical care and psychological treatment.

Peru has seen its first conviction for covering up evidence related to the country’s ten year long civil conflict against terrorist groups. The former head of Peru’s intelligence agency was found guilty on charges of abuse of power and obstruction in an investigation. One of her employees had been the ringleader of a group that killed civilians and then disposed of their bodies. The investigation found that she had covered up her employee’s activities, allowing him to keep his job with the intelligence agency for several years. Peru has seen an enormous amount of violence since 1980, but this is one of the first major convictions against those who may have been involved with covering up that violence.

Peru’s President has proposed a new tax on bank account deposits as a way to fund improvements in the country’s educational system. Those who have deposited more than 100 thousand soles into their bank accounts will be subject to the new tax, increasing from 1% for those under 200 thousand and going up to 0.75% for those with deposits over 500 thousand soles. Those who have deposited more than 100 thousand soles will also be able to deduct up to 15 thousand of that amount from their taxes, as a way to make the tax revenue neutral. The president is hoping that this measure will help fund an increase in education standards and create new school locations in Peru, both of which are amongst the current administration’s top priorities.

The Guardian reported this week that there has been an increase in the number of young people who are living on the streets of London. The reasons why these individuals have chosen to live outside vary widely; some see it as a political statement while others do not wish to live by the rules of school and home. The rise of youth homelessness in London may be related to an increase in unemployment, especially amongst young people. Though no official statistics on youth poverty have been released yet, many organizations that support these individuals say that homelessness amongst 18-24 year olds is on the rise.