November 22, 2022

“Biden Appears Unaware of Separated Family Payments, Says It Won’t Happen”

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden appears to be unaware of the possibility of separated family payments when he says it won’t happen.

It won’t happen, said Biden in response to a question about separating migrant children from their families. He went on, I promise you it will not happen that way. This is what the President of the United States said. It won’t happen that way, he said.

The American Civil Liberties Union is continuing its campaign to raise awareness about President Trump’s family separation policy at the border by placing ads on 25 New York City subway cars this week accusing him of lying .

Last month, CNN published a report by a seven-year-old girl from Honduras who said her father was deported while she and her mother were still at the border. The girl’s aunt, who is in New York, got a call from Honduran officials telling her that the parents had been taken to a plane after being told they would be reunited with their daughter if they signed deportation papers.


Feel the Democratic party love? You know, in this case, it’s not about hating Trump or even immigration policy. It is all about helping children be with their parents when they are separated at the border. But who said Democrats were trying to help these people anyway? Apparently Joe Biden is working on that presumption.  Did he miss the handwriting on the wall?

Who knows? If you want to track down Joe Humphries he’s probably hanging out with Bill Cosby at the local senior center. Remember, it’s all good in Joe Biden world. He has already convinced himself that his idea of governing is appropriate for everyone, just ask Obama! Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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