November 22, 2022

Border Closure Shuts Down Del Rio

The Del Rio border crossing has been closed as of Tuesday, November 10th. Thousands of migrants have crossed the US-Mexico border illegally in recent days and the Border Patrol has no choice but to shut down this critical artery for trade and travel. We spoke with a representative from CBP who told us that it is unclear how long the closure will last but there are plans to reopen at some point once things return back to normal.

Mexico must shoulder some of the blame for this closure. Mexico’s Ambassador to the US, Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernández, is on record saying that there are no plans to change current immigration policy. He added that President Enrique Peña Nieto had no objections with working with the Obama Administration by encouraging illegal immigration into the US.

This is just the latest in a string of events that illustrate for us as Americans how Mexico views illegal immigration as a positive thing. It’s not surprising, considering they lose thousands of citizens who flee north every year and their economy benefits from the remittances those immigrants send home to relatives. Just imagine if we had our own version of the Berlin Wall along the US-Mexico border. That’s what Mexico has with its southern border, thanks to them building a wall between Guatemala and their country.

CBP is urging Americans not to attempt crossing at this point as they are unsure how long it will last. However, there are rumors amongst some of protestors that Mexico may be trying to pressure President Obama into making a decision about the Trans-Texas Corridor that has been held up in Congress for years.

There is no timetable on when this crossing will re-open, but we can only hope it doesn’t remain closed for good. This closure could be costing the US economy thousands of jobs and dollars if it’s longer than a day or two. Trade and travel has been stymied between the two countries as of Tuesday, November 10th.

The Trans-Texas Corridor is a NAFTA superhighway proposal that would have taken up parts of the United States and put our citizens under foreign jurisdiction. It would have allowed Mexican trucks to travel freely on American roads with little regulation from the US government.

This was a contentious issue during the last Presidential election and many Americans feel that it’s still a valid issue that needs to be dealt with. If the border closes, then it could become a moot point.

Both Mexico and US officials have refused to comment on whether or not this is in any way related to the Trans-Texas Corridor but we’re not ruling anything out just yet. As of today, all Americans crossing into Mexico are being turned around and told that the border crossing has been closed.

We can only hope that Mexico is not able to pressure the US into making a bad decision about this highway, which was to be built through much of Texas and New Mexico. Many landowners in those states fought hard against its construction and we don’t want anything like this coming back ten years