November 22, 2022

Brutal Dismemberment in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Police are investigating a gruesome discovery made in the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 25th. Around 3:00 AM, Fort Worth Fire Department responded to a report of a dumpster fire near an apartment complex on Eagle Drive and found three bodies inside the burning container. The victims were later identified as one female and two children–a boy and girl between 10-12 years old. Their bodies had been brutally dismembered before being placed into the dumpster, which was then set ablaze with gasoline or another accelerant.

The identities of the victims and cause of their deaths have not been released as Fort Worth Police Detectives continue to investigate. Their bodies were found on an upper floor of the apartment complex; it is unknown whether they lived there or were merely homeless. The dumpster fire was contained before destroying any other buildings in the vicinity, but some local residences were evacuated during the fire department’s investigation.

This is an extremely tragic case, and Fort Worth Police Detectives are thoroughly investigating with the possibility of this being a triple homicide–and if it is considered part of a serial or pattern crime, then this will be yet another worst-case scenario for us to handle. If you have any information on this case, please contact the Fort Worth Police Department immediately.

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