November 25, 2022
Can be done in case of heatstroke due to extreme heat

Can be done in case of heatstroke due to extreme heat

Can be done in case of heatstroke due to extreme heat

Intense heat of the sun during the day. The state of being scorched by the sun. Somewhere in the house and outside there is a peace fair. Those who have to go to office or travel to different places for work, their suffering is more.

In the heat of the intense sun, not only the damage to the skin of the body, the body will get tired due to sweating, but there is also the danger of major health risks like heatstroke.

The term ‘heatstroke’ refers to heat stroke. Anyone can get heatstroke at any time during the summer.

If the patient of heat stroke is not treated quickly, it can affect the brain, heart,

kidneys and other organs of the body. Even the risk of paralysis increases. Delay in treatment can lead to death.

What are the symptoms of heatstroke?

* A sudden rise in body temperature, up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. There is not much sweating at this time.

* Words can be confused, incoherence is perceived in usage. The affected person may even go into a coma.

* Dizziness and vomiting may occur.

* The color of the skin may turn red suddenly, when the body temperature increases, the color of the skin also turns red.

* Breathing becomes abnormal, heart rate may also increase.

* Severe pain may be felt in the head.

What to do quickly if you suffer from heatstroke

According to experts, anyone showing signs of heatstroke should be taken to the shade as soon as possible. The patient should be cooled by removing excess clothing.

Socks and shoes should be removed.

To reduce the body temperature of the affected person, the body should be wiped with cold or ice water. In particular, the patient’s armpits, groin, neck, etc., should be repeatedly wiped with a wet towel.

It is better to lay down the affected person with legs slightly elevated or head slightly down.

If the patient is conscious, water, canned water, fruit juice or food saline should be given to drink. If unconscious,

get to a local hospital immediately. In this condition, there is no opportunity to treat at home.

Preventive measures

* Avoid the peak of the sun, take an umbrella when necessary. Or wear a big hat and sunglasses when going out.

* Take care that the body does not get dehydrated. Drink lots of water, canned water, saline in hot and sunny weather.

* Do not do heavy work or physical exercise in the hot afternoon sun.

* Wear white or light colored clothes when going out in hot weather.

* Avoid tea, coffee, cigarettes as much as possible during summer, they increase dehydration in the body.

* Eat foods that keep the body cool.