December 5, 2022

Catastrophic Nor’easter Spares No One in Massachusetts

The catastrophic Nor’easter that has ravaged the northeast coast of America came to Massachusetts this week, bringing with it hurricane-force winds. The storm left many without power and dealing with significant property damage. Fortunately, despite the severity of the blizzard, there have been no reported deaths in Massachusetts so far.

I was very surprised, especially after the Hurricane back in October. I didn’t think nature could be so cruel as to two separate tragedies within months of each other. But it looks like the people of Massachusetts are faring well despite ‘Snowmageddon’s’ fury. We should all help our neighbors rebuild after the storm.said an unnamed Massachusetts resident who refused to give his name, fearing retribution from nature.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has yet to officially declare Massachusetts a disaster zone; however, the agency’s chief says he plans on doing so shortly. After this storm leaves our state, we plan on taking a more in-depth look at the aftermath of this winter storm; we want to see what went well and what went wrong. However, it does appear that everything has gone according to FEMA’s plans, for once.

Apparently, this Nor’easter is the largest recorded one since ‘Nemo’ in 2012; meteorologists are calling it ‘Miriam.’ Miriam has brought with it the worst blizzard conditions the East Coast has seen in over a century.

The National Guard was called in to help maintain order, due to looting and property damage that occurred after last year’s Hurricane Sandy; however, this time around there were no such problems.

I’m very happy with the results we’ve seen after this storm; my thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones or their homes. I hope everyone can pull together and help rebuild our great state, so that we may return to the way things were before. said Governor Deval Patrick, who was also very supportive of FEMA’s decision to not intervene during this blizzard, thus preserving the spirit of volunteerism that is so deeply intertwined with our nation’s history.

Currently, FEMA is working on updating their ‘Emergency Mobile Alert System’ after many people were unable to receive the initial alerts. We are actually very happy that our latest technology did not work properly, because it forced people of all ages to get out and help each other. This time around everyone seemed more involved in helping one another. We hope to see this again in the future when disasters strike.said FEMA Director W. Craig Fugate.

Massachusetts police are planning on upgrading their emergency warning system, similar to FEMA’s, because many residents were also unable to receive the alerts sent out by local authorities during this blizzard. This is a major problem that must be addressed soon; people need to know when something is wrong in their neighborhood. said Michael Kineavy, Police Chief of Malden, MA.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said that he is very impressed with the cooperation and response to the blizzard: I couldn’t be more pleased; I am very thankful for everyone who helped their fellow man during this crisis. I hope it will serve as a model for other states in the future when disasters strike.

Many communities plan on hosting charity benefits, to help those who have been affected by the storm. So far, several fundraisers have been held across Massachusetts and New England; however, Governor Patrick has yet to declare a state of emergency, which would allow state agencies to actively participate in these events.

Many residents are thankful for FEMA’s decision to not intervene, but many families are still struggling to come back after Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast last year. I just want everyone to know that I am doing well considering what has happened; I lost my home and now I don’t have a job. I know that there are going to be people who don’t make it through this storm, which is really sad because it could have been prevented by the government. Even with all this talk of ‘volunteering,’ I haven’t seen anyone from FEMA or any other state agency handing out food or blankets to the homeless. I just hope they will help us in some way after all of this is over. said Maxine Durham, who has been living on the streets since last year.