December 4, 2022

Chen starts recovery mission with record schedule

I’ve been here some time, the 22-year-old American star answered with a shrug Tuesday. I have some garments to wash. Another things to tidy up around my room. Simply conventional errands, truly. Not much.

He left the crazy-the out and out stunning-on the ice of Beijing’s memorable Capital Indoor Stadium.

Wearing a certain grin, Chen vindicated his helpless short program from four years prior at the Pyeongchang Games in the greatest manner conceivable.

He opened with an ideal quad flip, floated through his regularly vexing triple axel, then, at that point, bored his quad flip-triple toe circle blend prior to skating to a stop and conveying a right haymaker at the air.

  • His score was 113.97 focuses, almost two more than the past world record set by rival Yuzuru Hanyu, and six focuses clear of second-place Yuma Kagiyama headed into Thursday’s free skate.
  • I was recently cheerful, said Chen, who assisted the US with winning group silver recently. At the last Olympics, both of the short projects didn’t go how I would have preferred. To at long last get a chance to skate the projects I needed feels great.
  • Kagiyama penetrated a couple of quads and a triple axel during his own unique short program to get done with 108.12 focuses, while individual Japanese Shoma Uno – the ruling Olympic silver medalist – was third with 105.90 places.

Concerning their long-term symbol, Hanyu rescued of his arranged opening quad salchow and got no focuses for the leap, an enormous misstep that cost the double cross guarding Olympic hero a shot at a third gold decoration.

Hanyu completed in eighth spot with 95.15 places, a shortage so extraordinary that not even his arranged quad axel in the free skate can make it up.

I feel truly stunned, said Hanyu, adding his skate might have hit an opening in the ice, yet I have another opportunity.

The confrontation among Chen and Hanyu had been working toward Tuesday for the beyond four years, since the time what Chen called an awful short program in Pyeongchang removed him from award conflict before he believed he had shown up.

Rather than enjoying some time off subsequently, Chen multiplied down, working indefatigably with long-lasting mentor Rafael Arutyunyan while at the same time running after his certification from Yale.

He honed each part of his figure skating, from specialized imprints to his imaginativeness, and he started to assemble programs that no other individual had the nerve to attempt.

The short program he nailed in Beijing, with a base worth of 36.27 places, was the hardest at any point attempted in contest.