January 28, 2023
Chris Rock slapped on stage at the Oscars

Chris Rock slapped on stage at the Oscars

Chris Rock slapped on stage at the Oscars

Chris Rock slapped on stage at the OscarsCompared to other years, this year’s Oscars were memorable. Because the most unpleasant incident happened on the Oscar stage this year. Because Oscar-winning actor Will Smith slapped American comedian Chris Rock on this stage.

Despite Oscar-winning actor Will Smith’s repeated comments and apologies, comedian Chris Rock was never seen to comment. However, last Thursday (September 1) in a show in Liverpool, United Kingdom, Chris commented on the incident.

Shore performer Dave Chappelle wants to know what it felt like at the time. To which Chris Greil responded with a deep breath, hitting me with the joke, but that was the nicest joke I’ve ever told.

Not only Chris Greil, but also standup comedian Dave Chappelle spoke about the controversial incident. About Will Smith, he said, Will was known as a perfect man for the last thirty years. But when his mask was unmasked, he was just as ugly as us. Whatever the outcome after that incident…hopefully, he doesn’t mask again, lives with his true self.

That critical incident at the Oscars was largely due to Will Smith’s wife making a joke. American comedian Chris Rock joked about his hair loss due to a rare disease.

Unable to keep calm in this incident, he slapped Rock. In this incident, however, the Oscar authorities have banned Smith for 10 years. Smith himself has publicly apologized to Chris Rock several times. But Rock is also dissatisfied with this. On Thursday, Liverpool in the United Kingdom showed that his anger has not gone away from Smith.