December 4, 2022

College president resigns amid sex abuse fallouts

Amid the fallout of a scandal involving sex abuse allegations against two coaches at his college, California State president Dr. William Covino has resigned from his position. Covino’s resignation was publicized on Wednesday evening in a press release issued by the school.

This is an incredibly difficult decision to make, said Covino in a statement. “I am proud of all that we have accomplished together and I will always cherish my time as president. But in the end, I know it is in the best interests of our students and this University to have a change in leadership.

It has been a privilege to serve Cal State L.A.

Covino’s imminent departure from his post follows a string of events that began when CSULA hosted a planned lecture by conservative pundit and Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos on campus. When a group of protesters at the event, which was ultimately canceled due to violence, targeted the College Republicans who were hosting the event for allegedly promoting hate speech, Covino irresponsibly exacerbated tensions by falsely characterizing both sides as guilty of violence and refusing to issue an apology even after it became clear that the event was canceled due to the actions of violent protesters.

While it’s unclear whether Covino voluntarily resigned or if he was forced out, his departure comes at an unfortunate time for the university which is currently gearing up for a $150 million fundraising campaign. The school has remained relatively quiet about what went wrong during Yiannopoulos’ ill-fated visit, but as more details emerge, Cal State will likely face further scrutiny and potential lawsuits.

The question now is who will replace Covino as the new President of CSULA? According to student newspaper The Daily 49er, it has been estimated that the school could spend up to $500,000 on hiring a search firm and compensating consultants, while some have even suggested hiring a president from outside the California state system to ensure a smooth transition.

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