December 5, 2022

Confined Americans Fast Facts

Here is a glance at some new instances of unfamiliar states confining US residents. For data about missing Americans, see Robert Levinson Fast Facts or POW/MIA in Iraq and Afghanistan Fast Facts.

Kai LiSeptember 2016 – Kai Li, a naturalized US resident brought into the world in China, is confined while seeing family members in Shanghai.

July 2018 – He is condemned to 10 years in jail for surveillance following a mysterious preliminary held in August 2017.

Baquer and Siamak NamaziOctober 2015 – Siamak Namazi, a Dubai-based finance manager with double US and Iranian citizenship, is kept while seeing family members in Tehran.

February 2016 – Baquer Namazi, a previous UNICEF official and father of Siamak Namazi, is likewise kept, his significant other Effie Namazi says on Facebook. He is an Iranian-American.

October 2016 – The men are condemned to 10 years in jail and fined $4.8 million, as indicated by Iran’s true news channel IRINN. Iran authorities say five individuals were indicted and condemned for helping out Iran’s adversaries, an administration code word that generally infers helping out the United States.

January 28, 2018 – Baquer Namazi is conceded a four-day leave by the Iranian government, in the wake of being released from an Iranian clinic. Namazi’s family say the 81-year-old was raced to the clinic on January 15 after an extreme drop in his pulse, a sporadic heartbeat and genuine consumption of energy. This was the fourth time Namazi had been moved to an emergency clinic somewhat recently. He went through crisis heart medical procedure to introduce a pacemaker in September.

February 2018 – Baquer Namazi is delivered on impermanent clinical leave of absence.

February 2020 – Iran’s Revolutionary Court drives Baquer Namazi’s sentence to time served and the movement prohibition on him is lifted.

May 2020 – According to the family, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) places another movement prohibition on Baquer Namazi, keeping him from leaving the country.

October 26, 2021 – Baquer Namazi goes through a medical procedure to get a dangerous blockage in one free from the primary supply routes to his cerebrum, which was found before the end of last month, his attorney says in an assertion.

Karan VafadariDecember 2016 – Vafadari’s family reports that Karan Vafadari and his significant other, Afarin Niasari, were kept at Tehran air terminal in July. Vafadari, an Iranian-American, and Niasari, a green-card holder, ran a workmanship display in Tehran.

January 2018 – Vafadari is condemned to 27 years in jail. Niasari is condemned to 16 years.

Trevor Reed2019 – While visiting a long-lasting sweetheart, Trevor Reed is arrested following an evening of substantial drinking as per state-run news organization TASS and Reed’s family. Police tell state-run news organization RIA-Novosti that Reed was engaged with a squabble with two ladies and a police unit that showed up at the scene following grievances of an aggravation. Police assert Reed opposed capture, assaulted the driver, hit another police officer, made the vehicle steer by snatching the haggle a perilous circumstance out and about, RIA expressed.