November 22, 2022

Death Toll in Nigeria Building Collapse Rises to 43

A building collapse in Nigeria has left 43 people dead and many more injured. The incident happened on Friday, September 8th when the six-story building collapsed due to heavy rain. This is not the first time that a major building collapse has occurred in Nigeria; back in 1981, almost 900 people died after their school collapsed.

The city of Lagos is located in Nigeria and has a population of over 21 million people. This May, the Nigerian government made a statement that as many as two-thirds of buildings in Lagos are not properly constructed or maintained, which means that there could be more accidents like this one happening all the time throughout Nigeria due to poor building maintenance.

Pictures of the accident show rescue workers removing bodies from piles of concrete, revealing some of the devastation caused by the collapse. The building was used as both apartments and a shopping mall so there were no doubt many different families living in this building when it collapsed. Considering how many people were killed in this incident, I’m not surprised to find out that the Nigerian police have stated that they do not know exactly how many people were in the building when it collapsed.

The collapse of this building is tragic and I hope all of those who were injured or killed will be able to recover from their injuries and move on with their lives. However, since buildings like this do not always get inspected beforehand, it is possible that other buildings could collapse in the future which means this issue should be taken seriously. Since buildings like this sometimes collapse before they are properly inspected, it could be a good idea for there to be an organization dedicated to making sure that these buildings don’t fall apart in the future. Even if this group is unable to inspect every single building in Nigeria, at least putting them in place could make it so no other families experience what has happened here.

From the desk of Katie Hamstead Hi everyone, I’m Katie Hamstead and I’m a freshman here at JHU High. There’s no doubt that the situation in Nigeria was tragic and my heart goes out to those who lost their lives or were injured as a result of this building collapse. As someone who has been taking an interest in politics, I couldn’t help but notice something about this article. It seemed like it was going out of its way to mention that Nigeria’s government and police were not sure how many people were in the building when it collapsed. I understand that this was an important detail but I couldn’t help but feel that there was another reason for including it. In a city with a population of over 21 million, there weren’t enough pictures of the accident to account for all of these people? Instead, all we got were pictures of rescue workers removing the bodies of those who had died. This made me feel like we were not shown what we needed to see and if this really was a building collapse and not something else, why couldn’t we see any other evidence? I also noticed that there was no mention of where exactly these photos came from. Usually, news articles like this will say who took the pictures, but I haven’t seen that anywhere on this article. If these images were taken by someone at or above the collapsed building then that means that they may be suffering from some form of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).