March 26, 2023

Despite being banned, the premiere of ‘Light Year’ was held in Los Angeles

Ever since the release of the trailer of the animated movie ‘Light Year’, fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. Finally, the release date of the movie announced and the movie premiere held in Los Angeles, California, USA. Everyone involved in the movie was present there.

Over the past few decades, all the animated movies that have taken the box office by storm have released. The movie ‘Light Year’ has made in that series. It is a combination of adventure, superhero and thriller with the adventures of the famous cartoon character Buzz Lightair.

The American sci-fi movie is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Angus McLennan. The movie recently premiered in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Pixar has given a new voice to Light Year in Chris Evans (replacing Tim Allen). This story is set millions of light years away from our planet's home. Before the screenplay begins with the "Toy Story" reference, Buzz begins to set up his own dramatic path.

In this movie, Captain America star Chris Evans has given voice as Tim Allen. Expressing his feelings about working in this movie, Chris Evans said that the character that Pixar gave me was very good. When our director Angus was young, he loved Star Wars. Star Wars was his whole world and when he first saw the Toy Story movie he got the idea to make this movie. And I have used this event as an incentive.

Meanwhile, in the movie, Tim Allen and his companions trapped on a distant planet with the crew of his ship after the lightspeed engine broke down. Later they try to build a new engine again. However, he trapped there again. There Baz met his friend Misfit Rookie. Keke Palmer has played the role of Rookie.

Hollywood actress KK Pam said, wrong! A big message that I think many people from this movie will think before making a mistake.

The movie shows a cat robot named Sox who is always by the side of the light year. Peter Sohan has given voice to the character of Sox. If all goes well, ‘Light Year’ is going to be released on the big screen on June 18.