December 4, 2022

Disappeared Mom Dead, Daughter Alive: Faithful Search Continues

The search for a missing Oregon mom ended in tragedy on Friday, when her body was discovered in Idaho. Now, the hunt continues for the 7-year-old daughter who was found alive and well.

Faithful friends and family members have been searching tirelessly since Kyron Horman’s mother went missing from their Portland home over two weeks ago. In a tragic turn of events, Terrilynn Monique Murphy has now been found dead at an unknown location in Idaho. Her daughter Kiara is still being sought by authorities as they work to determine how she traveled so far without food or water.

We have one victim and we need to account for this victim’s daughter. It doesn’t mean the daughter is a suspect, it just means we haven’t found her, said Capt. Chris Lovelace of the Boise Police Department.

Kiara was last seen with her mother at their home on Northwest Sheltered Nook Road on March 17th. Terrilynn Monique Murphy was reported missing by her husband on March 22nd, after she failed to show up for work at themopark’s PARC facility where she supervised Kiara’s after-school program.

The family friend who last saw Kyron Horman before he disappeared in 2010 told authorities that he believed the boy’s stepmother could be involved in Kyron’s disappearance.

There are too many similarities to ignore. Sherri Horman is at the top of the list, said Wolfson .

The last confirmed sighting of Kiara was recorded on surveillance video taken at a local Fred Meyer store at 6:08 p.m. on Sunday, March 18th, the day after her mother was reported missing.

We know that she is with someone and we’re asking that person to please come forward and tell us where she’s at, said Capt. Steve Chitwood of the Medford Police Department.

As an Amber Alert is not issued in cases involving adults over 18 years of age, Kyron’s father, Kaine Horman has been instrumental in raising awareness of the situation using his own resources .

Kaine went as far as to implicate his estranged wife Sherri Horman , Kyron’s stepmother. He believes she may have played a role in Kyron’s disappearance and now Kiara’s disappearance as well. When asked if he believed his stepdaughter was in danger, Kaine said I absolutely do.

Police have not commented on the Kyron Horman case or any connection to Terrilynn Monique Murphy’s disappearance. The investigation is ongoing. We are asking that anyone with information about Kiara or her mother, or who knows where she could be, call an anonymous tip line at (541) 774-6922 .

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