November 22, 2022

Elite Morning News Ignores Migrant Caravan

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told German newspaper Bild that “there is no way to avoid” conflict if the EU does not give in to Poland’s demands. The Polish PM also said he would be willing to send troops from the country’s armed forces to defend its borders against migrants, and claimed further that a war could break out on European soil as a result of the migrant crisis.

We are the second largest net payer and want to remain so. I do not understand why some people in Europe want to make us an exception, Morawiecki told Bild on Saturday. “The security of Poland is very important, he said adding that threats against his country include “international criminality, illegal migration, also epidemics.

The future of the EU is at stake due to decisions by whom? Poland’s PM rejects the western mainstream media narratives and points out that the security of Poland is very important. The Polish government has not forgotten history. A strong alliance with the United States-our partners in NATO is also important. Poland will benefit from the relationship with the US-which includes better trade deals, technological investment and energy security.

I am for maintaining a strong EU, but not only on the basis of ideology. I think that more national egoism in Europe is necessary,” he said adding that “we cannot avoid war if the EU does not give up the policy of open borders.

Poland has no problem accepting Muslim refugees but our government feels that this is a decision for Polish communities to make. If there are already communities in Poland with Muslim inhabitants-they should be given more help and support, not less. The Polish government believes that migrants should be sent back to their country of origin whenever possible-but this can only happen once they are properly processed.

We would have people passing through, but no Muslims in Poland, because there are none. If you say that this concerns humanitarian help then I do not see where the problem is. We are helping already now. There are many examples from the past where we, Poland, have assisted.

No Western mainstream media headlines about that-because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

“Mr. Prime Minister, you said in a recent interview with Bild that refugees tend to be a problem for Europe and do not enrich our continent culturally. I agree with our Polish PM. I have studied history all my life-and very little of the Muslim caliphate had anything to do with bringing enlightenment, new ideas or solutions to Europe during their reign of conquest.

You also said that Poland would not take any refugees because there are none here.