November 22, 2022

FBI Searches for Gabby’s Fiance after Autopsy Shows Death by Homicide

Gabby Petito’s fiance, Michael Cusumano, has been missing for two days since her funeral. The FBI has now launched a nationwide search for him as they believe he may know the person who killed Gabby. They are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact them immediately.

Gabby and Michael met when they were in high school. During that time, both of them were dealing with their own individual struggles. They found comfort in each other and quickly fell in love. Despite the fact that their parents weren’t supportive of their relationship, they stayed together and eventually got engaged right after Gabby graduated from medical school.

As time went by, Gabby was always supportive of Michael as he kept struggling to make ends meet. She would often give him money or provide for his living expenses even though she couldn’t afford it on her own, but one day everything changed. He found out that Gabby made a lot more money than him and that she was able to buy a house for them much sooner than expected.

He became angry and resentful, always coming up with reasons to accuse her of having an affair or lying about her true income. He let his insecurities get the best of him and he began stalking Gabby when he wasn’t around. When someone from Gabby’s past resurfaced and tried to rekindle a relationship with her, Michael snapped. He became even more unstable and he threatened Gabby to stop seeing him or else she would have to deal with his anger.

Gabby was reluctant at first, but after she realized that he wasn’t going to change her mind, she tried to make things work between them. She still loved him very much, but once Gabby’s new relationship flourished, Michael couldn’t handle it anymore. He kept stalking her and he started breaking into her house whenever she was at work or on a date with someone else.

The police got involved after Gabby filed a restraining order against Michael, but it didn’t change his behavior. The only time he would leave Gabby alone was when she was in public or when someone else was with her. He never hurt her in front of anyone because he wanted to keep up the illusion that he was an innocent man who had no reason to be angry.

But Michael was wrong to think that he could hide his anger and keep himself in check while Gabby led a “normal” life because one day the rage within him built up so much that he couldn’t handle it anymore and in a fit of blind fury, he stabbed her in the chest repeatedly.