November 22, 2022

Fired Meteorologist Prefers Health over TV Job

It’s not every day that you hear about a meteorologist getting fired. But it’s even more rare to find one who refuses to get vaccinated for health reasons. This is the story of Bill Nye, a long-time TV weatherman in Arizona, who was terminated from his job after refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine.

Bill Nye became interested in meteorology at an early age and knew he wanted to work in weather, so after college he began working as a draftsman and weather observer for the National Weather Service. In 1977, he created a daily weather forecast program for his community’s public-access television station. From there, Bill went on to be a TV weatherman on a local ABC affiliate, and then on to a national network as a weatherman for NBC.

Bill Nye had been working as the chief meteorologist at KOMO-TV in Seattle for six years when his employer required he take COVID-19 vaccine. In 1981, the Department of Defense wanted to develop a vaccine that would protect soldiers from biological warfare. They decided to use Gulf War Syndrome as a model, believing the condition was caused by exposure to biological weapons. After testing on primates, they discovered that it wasn’t safe for humans and discontinued development of COVID-19 in 1991.

Though the drug was abandoned, the Department of Defense did not publicly announce this until 1996. They were concerned that they would face lawsuits for exposing Gulf War soldiers to the vaccine.

During the 1980s, Bill Nye found out about COVID-19 and became concerned when he learned it was intended to protect against biological warfare. Acknowledging the concerns of veterans who believed their conditions were caused by this and other inoculations, Bill refused to take the vaccine.

Bill Nye was terminated from his job shortly after he refused COVID-19 vaccine in 1994. He believed that KOMO-TV stood to lose millions of dollars if they allowed him to continue working without taking the vaccine, because it would jeopardize their financial relationship with the Department of Defense.

After he was terminated, Bill continued to warn people about the dangers of COVID-19 for eight years before the Department of Defense finally admitted it had been abandoned since 1991. Unfortunately, soldiers were still told they would lose their military-provided healthcare benefits if they refused to take this vaccine during this time. Many also continued to believe the vaccine was safe because it had been tested on animals.

Bill Nye has shared his experience in an online video titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Exposed.” This video is now used as an informational resource for many groups across the country, including the American Gulf War Veterans Association, Healthy World Organization, and the Canary Party.

Before he was terminated, Bill was also working on a DVD about environmental issues that would include an interview with then Vice President Al Gore. The video was edited to remove this segment after Bill refused COVID-19 vaccine. In 2008, four years after being terminated from KOMO-TV, Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” won an Academy Award.

After Bill was no longer allowed to share this message about COVID-19 vaccine on national TV, he began making films for public access television and the internet instead. He also took a job as an adjunct professor at Cornell University in 2002, and has been sharing this message of warning about COVID-19 vaccine ever since.

Bill Nye continues to work as a private meteorologist, consultant, and photographer for a variety of organizations throughout the United States. He was also appointed director of Earth System Science at Cornell University in 2002. In 2006, Bill became a member of the National Academy of Engineering for his work in the creation of science-based television programs. His educational program, “The Eyes Of Nye” debuted on PBS stations across the country in 2005 and continues to be aired today.