November 22, 2022
Football in the state 43 lakh biryani bill!

Football in the state 43 lakh biryani bill!

Football in the state 43 lakh biryani bill!

A few days ago in Uttarakhand, many would have heard the news of financial corruption in the cricket organization.

The corruption in the company was so severe that the price of each banana was shown to be Rs 35 lakh.

This time the same thing happened in Jammu and Kashmir.

But here it is not cricket, but a football organization that is involved in corruption.

JKFA’s recent financial dealings in Jammu and Kashmir’s football body also came to the fore,

reminding us of the corruption in Uttarakhand.

Because it turns out that they have paid Rs 43 lakh to a restaurant in Srinagar for biryani bills for feeding various football teams!

But on investigation it was found that they did not actually buy that biryani. The whole thing is fake.

After learning about this incident,

the Jammu and Kashmir Anti-Corruption Branch filed an FIR against the company for financial corruption.

Football in the state 43 lakh biryani bill!

President Jamir Thakur, Karta SA Hamid,

Treasurer SS Bunty and member Fayaz Ahmed are the main allegations against the company.

Some other allegations including financial corruption have been raised in their name.

Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatt,

the son of former star footballer Abdul Khaliq Bhatt of Jammu and Kashmir,

came forward against this corruption for the first time.

It was he who alleged that the JKFA received Rs 50 lakh from the Sports Council

of the state for the development of football in Jammu and Kashmir.

The money was supposed to be invested in two big competitions,

Khelo India and Mufti Memorial Gold Cup.

But now it appears that most of the money has been misappropriated.

Police is investigating and trying to bring all the involved people to book.