March 23, 2023
protectors gather Putin's fertilizer

protectors gather Putin's fertilizer

For what reason did the protectors gather Putin’s fertilizer during the visit?


At the point when Russian President Vladimir Putin voyages abroad, his protectors gather his fecal matter. They were subsequently taken to Moscow. A report in the US media Fox News has made such a case.

That’s what the report guarantees assuming that any stool is left during the visit, it very well may be gathered by an unfriendly individual. It is expected that the holes could prompt more data about Putin’s wellbeing.

This peculiar case was first made in a report in the French news magazine Paris Match. This was accounted for by two experienced insightful columnists. Different news sources likewise distributed the report and conversed with specialists about it.

Rebecca Koffler, leader of Doctrine and Strategy Consulting and a previous US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) official, told Fox News that Putin expected that any data about his wellbeing could fall under the control of unfamiliar insight organizations. He needs to lay out an image that will permit him to run Russia endlessly to forestall any sort of disorder encompassing the difference in power. ”

As per the French news magazine, a unique helper to Russia’s Federal Guard Service conveyed a bag to gather Putin’s fecal matter. It was subsequently gotten back to Moscow.

The UK media Independent cases that this actual waste is gathered in a unique parcel. The parcels are kept in a satchel utilized for this reason just to be sent back to Russia.

The media talked with Regis Gent, writer of two books on Russia, and Mikhail Rubin, who has been responsible for Russian news inclusion for over 10 years. They announced such episodes of excreta assortment. One was during Putin’s visit to France on May 29, 2016. One more was during his visit to Saudi Arabia in October 2019.

It is said that Putin has been adhering to this guideline during his unfamiliar visit since he came to control.

The strength of the Russian president has forever been a subject of conversation all over the planet. After the beginning of the Ukraine war, reports spread that he was truly sick.

A persuasive individual near the Russian chief was heard saying in a sound recording last month that “Putin is extremely sick with blood disease.”

The American magazine New Line gathered this sound record. The unidentified man was heard conversing with a Western financial backer about Putin’s wellbeing. In any case, Russian authorities have denied the claims.