December 4, 2022

Foreign Minister Lapid is set to take over as Israel’s new prime minister

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is stepping down after failing to control growing pressure on Israel’s shaky coalition government, to be replaced by its ally Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

Under the circumstances, Israeli lawmakers will vote next week to dissolve parliament,

  • paving the way for the country’s fifth general election in three years, Reuters reported.
  • Twelve months ago, an almost impossible coalition of opposition parties in parliament ended former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s record 12-year rule.

Former journalist Lapid, leader of the ruling coalition’s largest party,

will serve as caretaker prime minister until new elections  held.

“We stand before you in a moment that is not easy,

but we have made the right decision for Israel through compromise,” Bennett said in a televised statement.



According to Bennett’s spokesman, there will be a vote in parliament next week, after which Lapid will take over as prime minister.

There are deep differences between the far-right

liberal and Arab parties in the eight-party ruling coalition on issues ranging from religion to the Palestinian cause.

The coalition has come under increasing pressure since a slight loss of a majority in parliament due to defections.

“I think the government finished a very good activity over the last year,” said B. Gantz, main defense minister.

It is matter of sorrow that the country has to dragged to the polls. But we will continue to work as an interim government for as long as possible. ”

The date for the next parliamentary elections has not  announced, but Israeli media reported that it could be in October.

These time Israeli power politics come just weeks before the planned visit of USA President Joe Biden. Biden’s visit will help to strengthen regional security alliances against Iran.🔱