January 28, 2023
Fuchka enlisted as best street food in Asia

Fuchka enlisted as best street food in Asia

Fuchka enlisted as best street food in Asia

Fuchka is a delicious street food popular among Bangladeshis. Many people’s mouths water when they hear the name of this food. This phuchka of Bangladesh has made it to the list of the best street food in Asia.

US media outlet CNN Quest’s World of Wonder series has published a list of Asia’s 50 best street foods. Fuchka of Bangladesh has been placed in this list.

According to CNN, Fuchka is a universal street food of Bangladesh with mild sweet, slightly sour and spicy taste. Usually the mocham hollow round is filled with a mixture of potatoes and chickpeas. Onion, cucumber, coriander leaves, green chillies and the special masala of chatapti add a special dimension to this dish.

Before serving, the shopkeeper also spreads boiled egg crumbs on top of the fuchka. Then tamarind water is given in a small cup. Bangladeshis usually enjoy the food by mixing tamarind water before filling each mouthful.

This popular dish of Bangladesh is also known as Panipuri, Gol Gappa and Gupchup in India. Apart from Fuchka from Bangladesh, there are Achru from Sri Lanka, Ban Kebab and Faluda from Pakistan,

Cheong Phan from Hong Kong, Jalebi (Jilapi) from India, Khao Soi from Thailand, Kimbap from South Korea, Momo from Nepal, Jhal Kangra from Singapore, Ema Datshi from Bhutan and Gado Gado from Indonesia.