March 23, 2023

Georgina Rodriguez’s uncle denotes her the most extraordinarily despicable woman


Georgina Rodriguez’s uncle has denoted her ‘the most incredibly insidious woman’ and ensured she has ‘ignored her family’ since meeting her life accomplice Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pounding 27-year-old Georgina – who he helped raise after her father was detained – Jesus Hernandez revealed ‘she has quite recently rang a couple of times since I found she was dating Ronaldo’.

  • He added to The Sun: ‘She could have a humiliated outlook on us and consider she’s boss to us since we don’t live with her lavishness. I’ve never asked her for anything. She has simply bar at least a few times since I found she was dating Ronaldo.’
  • Jesus was endowed with ‘obliging Georgina and her sister’ after their father Jorge conveyed £100,000 worth of cocaine from Spain when Georgina was just four years old.
  • I was responsible for obliging Georgina and her sister, getting them articles of clothing, paying for their power and water.

I did everything. Georgina was living with me during her young years until the day they sent my sibling by marriage back to Argentina.’

He moreover asserted Georgina dwelled with him until she was an adolescent and would not tell him where sibling by marriage Jorge is covered after his spending three years earlier.

Jesus – who abides in Spain in a two-room home and procures £650 every month – distinct a comment he left on Cristiano’s Facebook that scrutinized: ‘You have the most extraordinarily savage woman close to you.’

What’s more he isn’t the one specifically who maintains to be enraged by Georgina’s alleged direct.