December 5, 2022

Gone Girl The Hollywood Reporter Interview with Jaclyn Moore

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jaclyn Moore talks about her decision to leave the platform and why she doesn’t think it’s such a bad thing. She also discusses how she has been making the most of these past few months, as well as who makes her laugh now that Chappelle is gone.

The comedian and actor, who first came to national attention as one of Dave Chappelle’s cast members on Chapelle’s Show, began tweeting after fellow comedian Dick Gregory was arrested for protesting the shooting death of an unarmed black teen. She later became a youth sports coach in her hometown Moore is from Portland, Maine, and lives in Los Angeles.

It’s funny how this is all too familiar. The Hollywood Reporter is the same platform that had a conservative journalist and one of Twitter’s blue checkmark users interview why conservatives should go on Twitter and not delete their accounts after some shadowbanning incident, back in June. I wonder why?

Well, Alex Wagner once mentioned back during the 2016 election that she couldn’t wait for President Hillary Clinton to make history by doing something “historic”, which turned out to be nominating a liberal judge. It’s kind of like how Donald Trump was right about voter fraud all along, but no one wanted to listen because they were too busy making fun of Trump for saying it.

It’s something that conservatives have been warning about for years, but no one wanted to listen because they were too busy making fun of right-wingers on Twitter see Right-Wing Pundits DESTROY The View Hosts On Live TV! and Trevor Noah DESTROYS Ann Coulter LIVE on ‘The Daily Show’ Over DACA Lies.

Well, in all fairness, they were kind of right. Back when the whole shadowbanning business started several months ago, people like Paul Joseph Watson were reporting pretty much what we all later found out was true Twitter Suspends Prominent Alt-Right Account for Calling Out Laura Loomer’s Liberal Hypocrisy.

But then again, if Twitter wanted to get rid of right-wingers who were making fun of liberals on the platform, why didn’t they just ban them?

Moore says she doesn’t know if her tweets led to her suspension. She heard from a lot of people who were concerned about her wellbeing. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that she should go back on Twitter and apologize Moore says she has too much going on right now with coaching basketball, a new sitcom, and a book project. “I’m just a little bit tired, she jokes.

Moore says she experienced something like this before when she was playing the love interest in Chappelle’s Show. She says that she didn’t realize at first that it could be a problem Moore said, I just have to say no sometimes. People are going to be mad whether I do what they want me to do or not.