December 4, 2022

Hannity on extremist left agreeing with Jussie Smollett

This is a rush record of Hannity on December 9, 2021. This duplicate may not be in its last structure and might be refreshed.

We start this evening with this FOX News alert. Proof was overpowering entertainer Jussie Smollett has been tracked down liable on five of six charges two years in the wake of organizing a phony disdain wrongdoing against himself

Presently, this evening, he’s at fault for misleading a cop about an indicated disdain wrongdoing. He’s at legitimate fault for deceiving a similar cop about getting attacked. At fault for making similar phony cases to a subsequent official, at fault for rehashing these falsehoods yet to police a few hours after the fact.

Smollett is currently a sentenced criminal. I keep thinking about whether they’ll raise the issue of misleading a jury under and an adjudicator having sworn to tell the truth. We’ll converse with our lawful group in a moment.

Presently, recall, everything began around 2:00 a.m. on a freezing cold January night, dark blue Chicago, when the previous Empire entertainer calls 911, tells police he was violently assaulted coming back from snatching a Subway sandwich. Jussie then, at that point, affirmed that two white guys, Trump allies wearing red MAGA caps designated him with racial and homophobic slurs.

They drenched him with an obscure fluid. They beat him up. They set a noose around his neck.

At the point when police showed up to the scene, a white rope was still around his neck. Be that as it may, very quickly, Jussie’s story began to self-destruct.

ABC News, they actually welcomed Jussie on for an extremely thoughtful meeting with have Robin Roberts.

Such an injury when you lie like this. As Jussie Smollett tweeted in 2010, quote, what liars don’t understand is that they’re the most clear individuals. BS isn’t that difficult to smell. Simply open your nose and your breath.




The Reverend Al Sharpton said, quote, the announced disdain assault on my companion and sibling entertainer Jussie Smollett is abominable and silly. The responsibility should confront the greatest.

I surmise they didn’t gain from earlier episodes in New York.

Shamed Governor Andrew Cuomo, quote, New York state calls the assault on Jussie Smollett what it is, a disdain wrongdoing.

Senator Tlaib, quote, when one of the most popular dark and gay men in America isn’t protected, the message is more clear than ever. The risky falsehood heaving from the traditional is killing and harming our kin.

Also here’s an authority tweet from the Human Rights Campaign: Our contemplations are with Jussie Smollett after this alarming assault. It’s an awful update that bigotry and homophobia are as yet uncontrolled in the U.S.

  • Bernie Sanders hopped in, called it bigot and a homophobic assault.
  • Eric Swalwell hopped in, said it was despicable and lamentable.
  • Maxine Waters reported that she was devoted to tracking down the offenders
  • Dick Durbin discredited America’s bigoted and homophobic ways.
  • Cher, she participated. She went on an off the wall bluster. She accused President Trump.
  • Katy Perry said she was remaining with Jussie.
  • Jemele Hill was nauseated and dismayed.
  • Ariana Grande tweeted that she was debilitated to her stomach. Bliss Reid calling it a chilling assault.
  • What’s more on TV, the quick reactions were similarly as terrible. Investigate.