March 23, 2023

‘I’m dealt with uniquely in contrast to other drivers’ – Verstappen

Max Verstappen accepts he is unreasonably treated contrasted with different drivers on the lattice with regards to the manner in which he races, in front of the title decider at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton dominated the last race in Jeddah after Verstappen was told to give a situation back to the reigning champ for leaving the track and acquiring a benefit in the wake of constraining the two vehicles wide at Turn 1. After the race, Hamilton said he realizes he can’t remain in front of another driver assuming he goes off course to hold a position yet that standard “doesn’t make a difference to one of us,” while Verstappen presently says different drivers pull off more than he does.

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Toward the day’s end, analysis, that is consistently there, however I think from my side what is out of line is I’m dealt with uniquely in contrast to different drivers, Verstappen said. Obviously different drivers can pull off it and I can’tâ€Ĥ

Plainly things don’t matter for everybody on the grounds that the things I did as far as shielding, two different folks likewise did and they didn’t get a notice or punishment. I don’t comprehend as I suspected I was simply dashing hard.

What occurred for me didn’t merit any punishment — the other two individuals who did it, they didn’t get one however it’s just me that gets it. Obviously battling at the front individuals are a smidgen more basic however for me I don’t comprehend.

The main thing I ask is that it’s reasonable for everybody except plainly that is not the situation for the occasion — like I said I don’t feel like I wasn’t right and unmistakably it is spot on for other people so for what reason would it be advisable for me to then change? I figure everybody ought to be permitted to race like that.”

Featuring another model, Verstappen highlighted the second when Hamilton finished his overwhelm for the lead, going incredibly wide into the last corner in a move that brought about the Red Bull driver off course.

For me I was not off-base, and obviously just I was off-base in some way, similar to I said while others do the very same thing and get nothing. The two of us were outside of the track, outside of the white line into Turn 1, and some way or another they decided that it was my issue which I disagree with, and furthermore the other punishment also, I disagree with.

And afterward a while later he pushes me off course — he even glances at me, and simply doesn’t turn in, pushes me outside of the white line, the track edge, and he just gets an admonition for that. Most certainly it isn’t the way it ought to be and furthermore not reasonable in light of the fact that it appears to be different drivers can do various things and just seems like I get a punishment.”