January 28, 2023

Imran called that Ibtisham a ‘legend’

Pakistan’s previous State leader Imran Khan barely endure the long walk. A lethal assault was completed on Imran Khan in a public gathering. Four shots were taken in the leg. Presently under treatment in the emergency clinic.

সেই ইবতিশামকে ‘হিরো’ বললেন ইমরান

Imran expressed gratitude toward Ibtisham who thwarted the assault and got the aggressor. He tended to the young fellow as ‘Legend’.

Last Thursday, Imran Khan was gone after during the Azadi walk in Wazirabad, Punjab territory, Pakistan. Imran Khan and Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI pioneers remaining close to him were shot with AK-47. Imran Khan got away with four slugs in his right leg. Imran Khan was quickly taken to a clinic in Lahore. There is a medical procedure. Imran Khan told the media last Friday, God has allowed me a subsequent life. Thank you kindly for that.

As indicated by Khaleej Times, Ibtisham captured the aggressor last Thursday. Then Imran Khan met him. In the wake of meeting Ibtisham, Imran Khan said, ‘You are the legend of Pakistan. You have shown extraordinary mental fortitude. I like it without question.’

Ibtisham brought the garments he was wearing upon the arrival of the assault, the day he met Imran. Imran Khan additionally marked the shirt.

A video from the day of the assault showed the aggressor raising a firearm and terminating. Around then, Ibtisham attempted to snatch the weapon from behind by holding the aggressor’s hand.