January 27, 2023

Israel is preparing for the 5th general election in 4 years

Leaders of Israel’s ruling coalition will introduce a bill next week to dissolve parliament. If approved, new elections will be held in the country. Local leaders on Monday (June 20) said the alliance leaders.

After all efforts to stabilize the alliance failed, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Jared Lapid decided to introduce a bill next week to dissolve parliament, the two leading coalition partners said in a statement.

They further added that if the bill is passed, Lapid will be the caretaker Prime Minister, not the current Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Because, according to the terms of the alliance, Bennett will be the prime minister for half of the full term of the government and Lapid for half the term.


Israel is preparing for the 5th general election in 4 yearsThe ideologically divided eight-party alliance was formed a year ago and included religious nationalists, such as Bennett,
  • Lapid’s moderate Yes Atid Party, leftists, and, for the first time in Israeli history, lawmakers from the Arab Islamist party.
  • But the alliance has split and they have come together to end Benjamin Netanyahu’s term. As a result, the alliance was under threat from the beginning.

Israel lost its majority in the 120-seat parliament last April when a member of Bennett’s Yamina party announced his departure.

It is learned that the election may be held next October.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed some relief over the break-up of the alliance.

He says his Likud party will return to power through re-election.🔱