March 27, 2023

Karnataka hijab column: ‘Don’t have any desire to settle on decision between our investigations and confidence’

—When was whenever you first requested to be permitted to wear the hijab?


Aaliya: Most universities in Udupi permit the hijab. For the beyond one-and-a-half month, we have been staying here dissenting. In any case, we have been requesting consent since March a year ago.

In December, they said they won’t permit us to wear the hijab. Nearby MLA (Raghupathi Bhat) came and undermined us transparently.

He (Bhat) said that in the event that you state your strict privileges, we will do it as well. Is it true that he is our MLA as well? Speakers used to oppress us, give us lower grades, and pull off our scarves.

A portion of our seniors were harmed in light of the fact that we used to tie up the hijab utilizing self locking pins.

They (school specialists) might have addressed it however they are utilizing this issue like a weapon against us. We feel hazardous to go anyplace.

A portion of the other Muslim young ladies have chosen to go to classes. What do you need to say regarding that?

Aaliya: We feel truly miserable. Let them not wear this is on the grounds that they additionally have a right. Checking out the circumstance, I truly want to cry and I can’t help thinking about why it is going on this way.

They are accusing eight of us since we began this. It (the issue) would not have hauled this far and to this degree assuming that they would have permitted us to wear the hijab.

We thumped on each entryway, went to everyone, from the representative official to agent overseer of the Government Pre-University College and surprisingly the common liberties commission; we asked before every one of them.

The Constitution gives us the right and we live in a common country. What’s more being in a common country, I would rather not pick either my investigations and my confidence. I trust the legal executive.

How certain would you say you are about the high court decision going in support of yourself?

Almaas: in the event that the decision doesn’t come in support of ourselves, we will be making other legitimate moves. We would rather not actually think twice about our essential privileges.

Today, in the event that we compromise, what will be left of our India. Similar India which is utilized as an illustration by different nations.

We live in a mainstream, vote based nation and observe every one of the guidelines and guidelines. Don’t we reserve the option to follow our religion? We give the instances of different nations.

Will we share with them that our India didn’t give us the option to wear hijab and follow our religion? It is excessively despicable.

Have your cohorts and companions upheld you?

Aaliya: No. Furthermore we didn’t expect this from them by the same token. We don’t definitely disapprove of a saffron wrap or anything and we will not go against it assuming that it is a piece of their religion. On the off chance that it is significant for them, they need to follow their religions.

Since I was 3-4 years of age, I have been wearing a hijab however I have never seen any of them wearing it (saffron wraps) when they emerge from their homes. Presently, they are wearing it just to go against us and maybe they are doing this fair to contend with us.

They are attempting to wear the saffron wrap and they’re attempting to remove our hijab from our heads. We can’t be anticipated to think twice about it since they are saying it. It is absolutely unreasonable.

Where did you go to class before this and was the hijab permitted there?

Almaas: Before joining here, I went to a private global school in Bengaluru. Furthermore I used to wear the hijab in study hall. I have been wearing a hijab from nursery till Class 10. I have never taken my hijab off.

Also now when I am in Class 11, I am being approached to eliminate my hijab. I used to see my seniors wear the hijab before me. Envision how I feel that they were permitted to wear it and I am being halted from doing as such.