November 24, 2022
Luis Suarez is returning to his home club

Luis Suarez is returning to his home club

Luis Suarez is returning to his home club

Uruguayan star footballer Luis Suarez is going to return to his country after the chapter of Ajax, Liverpool,

  • Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Suarez himself confirmed the move to his boyhood club Nacional via a video message on social media on Wednesday (July 27).
  • Suarez’s contract with Atletico Madrid ended last season. After leaving Barca, Suarez signed a two-year contract with the Madrid club. The 35-year-old scored 32 goals in two seasons at Atletico Madrid.
  • After leaving Madrid, there were many rumors about Suarez. SuarezĀ  rumored to be a replacement for Dortmund’s new signing Sebastian Haller.

Many people said that he is going to return to Ajax again. But he proved everything wrong and returned to his country. Suarez gave a video message after completing the initial agreement there.

The former Liverpool striker said, ‘Firstly, I want to thank you all, you have shown me and my family so much love in the last few days.

I completed the initial contract to join Nacional. I could not say no to such an opportunity. Hopefully, all the work related to the final agreement will be completed properly in the coming days.’

The supporters of the club rose up to return Suarez to the club Nacional of his country. His fans started a campaign by writing ‘Suarez Hashtag Nacional’ on Twitter to get him into the team.

Besides, many leaders including Uruguay’s sports minister also wanted to bring him back to the country.

This ended Suarez’s journey in Europe. Maybe he will say goodbye to football after playing at Nacional for a few years.

But everyone will remember one Suarez for a long time. The Uruguayan has won every possible trophy except the Ballon d’Or. Suarez made his debut for Nacional in 2005.šŸ”±