March 27, 2023

Man captured for supposedly selling weapon utilized in prisoner occurrence at Texas temple

—–The man was accused of being a criminal possessing a gun.


A man faces a government charge for purportedly selling the firearm utilized in the Texas gathering place prisoner circumstance recently, specialists said.

Henry Williams, 32, faces one charge of being a criminal possessing a gun regarding the prisoner emergency at Congregation Beth Israel in the Fort Worth suburb of Colleyville on Jan. 15.

The equipped suspect, recognized by specialists as 44-year-old British resident Malik Faisal Akram, passed on in the occurrence when a FBI prisoner salvage group penetrated the gathering place following a 11-hour deadlock.

  • Examiners claim Williams sold Akram a Taurus G2C gun on Jan. 13, two days before the prisoner occurrence.
  • Police remain before the Congregation Beth Israel temple, Jan. 16, 2022, in Colleyville, Texas.
  • The FBI said it found Williams’ supposed connections to Akram through an examination of Akram’s telephone records after his demise.

Specialists previously talked with Williams on Jan. 16, during which he supposedly said he met a man with a British inflection, the Department of Justice said.

Specialists talked with Williams again after his capture on an exceptional state warrant on Monday, during which he supposedly affirmed he sold Akram the handgun at a crossing point in South Dallas in the wake of review a photograph of the suspect, as per the Justice Department.

Williams purportedly conceded to officials that Mr. Akram let him know the weapon would have been utilized for terrorizing to get cash from somebody with an exceptional obligation, the Department of Justice said in an assertion.

Cellphone records for the two men likewise show their telephones were in nearness on Jan. 13, as per investigators.

Williams was captured Tuesday on the gun charge and showed up under the watchful eye of a justice judge Wednesday evening. As per the Department of Justice, Williams was recently indicted for disturbed attack with a dangerous weapon and endeavored ownership of a controlled substance.

Government gun laws are intended to hold weapons back from falling into perilous hands. As an indicted criminal, Mr. Williams was disallowed from conveying, securing, or selling guns, U.S. Lawyer for the Northern District of Texas Chad Meacham said in an assertion. Whether or not he knew about his purchaser’s terrible purpose is to a great extent immaterial criminals can’t have weapons, period, and the Justice Department is perpetrated to indicting the individuals who do.