December 5, 2022

No tests for up to grade III, no qualification between disciplines from 2025

Another educational program rejecting assessments for up to class III will be dispatched completely in Bangladesh’s schooling framework in 2025, Dipu Moni has reported.
The new educational plan won’t have differentiation between science, expressions and business concentrates on streams in classes IX and X, the schooling clergyman said at a news meeting on Monday.

Head administrator Sheik Hasina endorsed the diagram of the public educational program in the first part of the day.
The work to insert the educational plan in the schooling framework will start one year from now with its steering at 100 essential and auxiliary organizations. The public authority will start putting the educational program bit by bit to impact in 2023.

At first, it will be dispatched in class I of essential instruction, and class VI of auxiliary training in 2022, as indicated by Dipu Moni.Classes II and VII will be added in 2023, classes III, IV, VIII and IX in 2024, and classes V and X in 2025.

“The full educational program will be put to rehearse inside 2025,” the pastor said.
Auxiliary School Certificate or SSC tests will be held in accordance with the educational program of class X.
The consequences of Higher Secondary Certificate or HSC will be founded on two tests held in classes XI and XII.
Different classes will have finishing tests, in which the understudies will be surveyed ceaselessly and afterward assessed thoroughly.

She avoided an explicit reply answer when found out if the new educational program will have Primary Education Completion or PEC and Junior School Certificate or JSC tests.
“We need to guarantee skill, not instruction for declarations,” she said.

“We haven’t discussed public tests in class eight and essential level. There will not be any tests up to class III and each class will have fruition tests. Public tests are not needed for endorsements. PEC is as yet a class fulfillment test while JSC is public test.

We discussed public tests in classes X, XI and XII. The HSC results will be founded on grades of classes XI and XII.
Dipu Moni said the new educational program has been illustrated for pre-essential to higher optional to guarantee smooth progress and it is “completely centered around understudies”.

“Learning will be entertaining. Weight and pressing factor of subjects and course readings will be facilitated. Profound learning will be underlined. Learning dependent on experience and exercises will be focused on to eliminate reliance on remembering.

“Sports and different exercises will be given significance for physical and mental development of the understudies.
The priest said they caused the educational plan so that will to permit the vast majority of the learning done at study halls.

The extent of sports and different exercises has diminished, however it will not occur once more. Students should qualify with a blend of information, abilities, qualities and disposition.