January 27, 2023

Political turmoil in France, Emmanuel Macron loses majority in parliament

French President Emmanuel Macron has lost a majority in the country’s parliament. The idea is that failure to reach an agreement with other parties could lead to a political crisis in the country.

This information was given in a report of Reuters.

Macron’s moderate Ensemble Alliance seeks to raise the retirement age and deepen EU integration.

The alliance was supposed to get the most seats in the election.

But now that a large left-wing coalition is set to become the largest opposition party in the country, the right has won a record number of seats.

Conservatives also had the potential to be kingmakers.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayer called the result a “democratic push.”

“If other alliances do not cooperate, it will undermine our ability to reform and protect the French,” he said.

Voting in the second round of the country’s national elections began on Sunday.

Although Macron defeated his opponent in last April’s presidential election, this time his party is facing even more challenges.