December 4, 2022

Previous Northwestern educator condemned to 53 years for killing of beau


A previous Northwestern University educator was condemned to 53 years in jail Tuesday for the brutal killing of his sweetheart.

Wyndham Lathem showed up at his condemning hearing under the steady gaze of Judge Charles Burns, over four years after the lethal cutting of Trenton Cornell, Lathem’s 26-year-former sweetheart. Lathem, 47, was indicted for first-degree murder in October following an almost fourteen day preliminary.

Consumes said his condemning reach for Lathem was 20 to 60 years and that he trusted 53 years to be “generally suitable” taking into account each of the elements at play, including the realities highlighting the killing being planned and abhorrent. The adjudicator said he likewise gauged Lathem’s apparently upstanding attitude in his expert and individual life preceding the wrongdoing.

  • Clearly, he had a dull mystery, Burns said. The Dr. Lathem that we saw stroll through the ways to this court clearly had a Mr. Hyde to him, and I don’t know when or why that happened.
  • The sentence, which Burns said he knows is an outrageous sentence yet for an outrageous wrongdoing, additionally requires Lathem to serve three years of directed delivery after he leaves care.
  • The safeguard made a movement for Burns to reexamine the sentence and their previous movement for another preliminary, which Burns denied toward the start of Tuesday’s hearing. One more court date has been planned for March 10.

We accept there are issues that are worthy that they might justify another preliminary, said Adam Sheppard, one of Lathem’s safeguard lawyers. We concur that this was an outrageous sentence, and we will request an audit of the sentence alongside different issues that we raised at our post-preliminary movement.

Charlotte Cornell, one of Trenton Cornell’s moms, said in an assertion after the meeting the family is perpetually thankful to the Cook County casualty promoters, examiners and sheriff’s office for their work.

This isn’t anything that we at any point would wish on any family, and simply realize that we were unable to be more thankful to every one individuals in Cook County here who have assisted equity with being served, Charlotte Cornell said.

Trenton Cornell’s other mother, Mischelle Duranleau, stood up during the condemning hearing to give a casualty sway proclamation. Duranleau said their child was deferential, fell frantically infatuated rapidly and was continuously searching for the following experience.

Duranleau said the family last saw Trenton Cornell in Chicago in November 2016 when they visited him to commend his birthday. Duranleau said he let them know he was doing great having made it into momentary lodging lastly taking medicine for his HIV, just as disclosing to his family he had fallen head over heels for the most shrewd man.

His faith in the consideration and genuineness of others is the one trademark we wish Trenton left with us, Duranleau said.

Duranleau added that the family doesn’t feel Lathem has shown any regret for his activities.

Lathem gave an assertion during the conference, wherein he said he has been sorrow blasted with regret since the second everything occurred.

Consistently I ponder Trent, Lathem said. Consistently I contemplate what occurred. I’m simply loaded up with pity. I need Trent’s family to realize that as terrible as I believe, I can’t envision how much more awful it is for them, and I’m so upset for their misfortune.