March 27, 2023

Providing a Voice for Women: A Discussion on Abortion

Women have been feeling a lot of pressure lately. The gender pay gap, sexual harassment and assault, and now abortion. All these topics are extremely important to women’s rights as well as the way society views them- but they’re also all very different issues. Abortion is an issue that can be difficult for people to talk about because there are so many sides to it- both pro and anti-abortion arguments often use religious or ethical reasoning which makes it hard for people on either side of the argument to find common ground with each other. These days, we’re seeing more discussions surrounding abortion than ever before -and this article will provide a voice for those who feel like they don’t have one!

If you’re pro-abortion, this article may challenge some of your beliefs and vice versa.

My name is Emma -and I’m pro-choice. I can hear you now Emma! you’re endorsing abortions and making them No actually, I don’t. Pro-choice means that abortion should be a choice that women are allowed to make without judgement. It doesn’t mean that I think all women should get abortions or that abortion is a good thing to do- it simply means that the decision to have an abortion should be left up to the woman who needs one, and nobody else.

Many people will believe that by supporting pro-choice, I’m saying that abortions should be a routine medical procedure that is readily available to every woman. This is definitely not what I mean. Abortion isn’t a bad thing- it’s just another medical procedure, but one with a lot of controversy surrounding it because many people believe the fetus growing inside the uterus is already a living being and has rights as such.

Actually, I’m not pro-abortion either! I’m for pro-choice because it’s important to me that any woman who has an abortion is 100% sure of what she wants before actually going through with the procedure. Some people think that abortions are evil and need to be stopped completely, but these people can’t see how abortions are actually beneficial for some women. I’ve heard the argument that an abortion is only needed when there’s a problem with the pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that all abortions are performed because of problems relating to the fetus -some people choose to have an abortion for other reasons too- and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s decision as to why they choose to have an abortion.

Abortion isn’t a religious issue, it’s a human rights issue- women are allowed to make choices over their own bodies without being judged by others! Many people think that women who choose to have abortions are selfish or stupid or both – but this idea is flawed because all women are individuals- they’re not one dimensional characters who all think and act in the same way. Abortion is a personal choice for every woman who has one, and no one else can truly understand what she’s going through or why she chooses to do it.

Nobody is pro-abortion or pro-choice 100% of the time- we’re all human, and we all make mistakes. We all have different opinions on the issue of abortion, and that’s what makes it such a complex subject to talk about. But the truth of the matter is this