March 23, 2023
Sarah Blakely's best surprise for staff

Sarah Blakely's best surprise for staff

Sarah Blakely’s best surprise for staff

The employees of Spanx Company of America seem to have the moon in their hands. Their boss Sarah Blakely has announced a huge bonus. And that’s why the workers lost themselves in joy.

Along with huge bonuses, the employees of the company also got first class plane tickets to any part of the world.

Company owner Sarah Blakely announced bonuses for employees at a lavish office party. Many did not believe the bonus amount at first. Later, however, many people began to say – the best boss in the world.

Spanx owner Sarah Blakely announced that as a bonus, each employee would be given two first-class plane tickets. They can travel anywhere in the world with that ticket. With 10 thousand dollars in cash.

Everyone is overjoyed to hear Sara’s announcement. In the gap of applause, many people shed tears of joy again. Many are still busy capturing the whole scene on their mobile phones.

Sara announced this huge bonus in October last year. But the video of that day has become viral again in the net world. More than 3 million people have seen the video of that day.

Sarah had to go through a lot to get this huge bonus. Today his company has more than 500 employees. However, 21 years ago, he started his company with only four lakh rupees.

By 2021, Sara’s company has become a $1.2 billion company. Sara’s company ‘Spanx’ mainly manufactures underwear.

Last year, the company flourished when it received a huge investment. To celebrate becoming a 1.2 billion dollar company, he threw a party in a restaurant with all the office workers. He said about the bonus there.

To Sarah, this bonus was not a mere announcement. A bit emotional, he said, ‘This is a special moment for all of us. I also want to remember all the women in the world who did not get this opportunity.

Despite entering the business world, Sarah’s mother and grandmother had no opportunities or benefits to earn money. He also said this that day.

Sarar said, “I am remembering my mother and grandmother at this moment. Those who had no alternative (except family).’

Sara shared the joy of growing her own company with everyone. He said, ‘I am announcing this bonus with great emotion. This announcement was made with tears of joy. We have come a long way.’

Before Sarah, many made headlines by giving huge bonuses to employees. Recently Matt Fletcher, the owner of an engineering company in Britain,

also announced that he would pay his employees thousands of pounds extra for household expenses. But perhaps no one has given such a huge bonus as Sarah.🔱