March 22, 2023

Sarah Panitzke: UK’s most needed lady imprisoned over misrepresentation

A fraudster who turned into the UK’s most needed lady in the wake of escaping to Spain while being discussed for tax evasion has been imprisoned for a long time.

Sarah Panitzke, 48, from York, dissolved in 2013 while being investigated as far as it matters for her in a £1bn cell phone charge trick.

She burned through nine years on the run prior to being captured while canine strolling in Santa Barbara, Tarragona, in February.

Panitzke showed up at Kingston Crown Court in London subsequent to being withdrawn back to the UK.

▶She had at first been accused of trick to obtain criminal possession comparable to her part in a multimillion-pound VAT extortion in 2010, and was tracked down blameworthy in her nonattendance in 2013.

▶The adjudicator recapped to the court the sentence gave over in 2013, preceding adding: “That sentence will begin today since you have been removed to this country.”

Panitzke, who was significant for a plan which washed cash through seaward records, was informed she would spend no less than four years in the slammer before she was qualified for parole.

↪A £2.4m seizure request was likewise made against her in 2016.

She was given three months to pay everything or have to carry out nine additional years in jail.

No cash has at any point been paid against this, leaving the sum including revenue, remaining at £3.4m in May 2022.

↪Premium keeps on gathering at a pace of £538 per day.

Public Crime Agency worldwide representative chief Tom Dowdall said Pantizke had been on their most needed list for 10 years and her imprisoning was the aftereffect of “long stretches of difficult work”.

Simon York, head of the HMRC misrepresentation examination administration, said: “Panitzke thought she had put herself beyond the compass of HMRC, yet through our work with UK policing worldwide accomplices we have found another expense outlaw.🔱