December 5, 2022

Several people died on suspicion of bow and arrow attack in Norway

According to local police, several people were killed and others were injured during the attack in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg.

The suspected attacker used a bow and arrow, a spokesman for the police district in southeastern Norway, including Kongsberg, told News.

The suspect attacked people in various places before he was arrested, a spokesman said. Local police were only informed about the suspect at 18:15 local time.

When asked if the situation was considered terrorism, a Norwegian police officer said, “It’s not clear yet. It’s too early to say.”

Kongsberg is located 85 km west of the capital Oslo.

Police leaders said they had immediately ordered commanders across the country to carry firearms after the attack. Norwegian police are usually unarmed, but police officers can obtain guns and rifles as needed.

‘This is an additional precaution. “Police have so far not shown that the level of threat to the nation is changing,” management said in a statement.

Police urged the general public to stay home, some areas were blocked, and television footage showed ambulances and armed police in the area. A helicopter and bomb squad were also dispatched to the scene.

The public broadcaster NRK website has released images by witnesses of black arrows protruding from the wall.

Police will hold another press conference at 10 pm.

Norway has traditionally been a peaceful country, but suffers from far-right attacks.

Anders Behring Breivik launched a twin attack on July 22, 2011, killing 77 people. Breivik first detonated a bomb in the capital Oslo, next to the building where the Prime Minister’s Office is located, and then in a summer camp for young people on the left wing of Utoya.

No one was seriously injured in August 2019 after being attacked by worshipers after the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi Philipmans House fired at a mosque outside Oslo.

However, she shot and killed her sister-in-law, who was adopted from China, for what prosecutors called “racist acts.”