December 4, 2022

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

In response to the sexual harassment allegations against CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, he said “I have zero recollection of my behavior that evening beyond having a drink.” Cuomo also apologized for his actions and vowed to acknowledge his wrongdoing.

The Uber driver has since shared her story on social media and mentioned that the incident occurred in November of last year. They exchanged names and – as she was debriefing him about his night at a New York City restaurant – he got into the car. She says, “He was just like very persistent, like not even giving me a chance to get a word in edgewise. He kept asking me, ‘You want to come hang out at my hotel?’”

She claims she told him no but he continued with the conversation by saying, “Come on! It’ll be fun. We started talking about New Year’s resolutions and all of a sudden he goes, ‘Let’s go to the bathroom together. It was at that point I felt very uncomfortable. I said no.”

By this time they had reached his hotel and she says he threw $20 at her for gas before getting out of the car without saying thank you or good night. He didn’t touch her while they were in the car but she feels he did overstep some boundaries. She also mentioned that his behavior was not uncommon for a man of Cuomo’s stature and experience, so she wasn’t surprised by it.

CNN has since issued a statement saying, “This is clearly unacceptable behavior and CNN won’t stand for it. We’ve been giving Chris Cuomo a lot of latitude because he’s a young man and he has made a mistake, but there is no excuse for this behavior. We are discussing it with him. And I have reached out to the driver to apologize.”

Cuomo then defended himself by saying, “I was raised better than this. My family is certainly not pleased with it and I am not either.”

He also acknowledged that he is a flawed man and that some aspects of his life have been “dumb” while others have been “deceitful.”

The driver said she was going public with her story to stand up for herself after feeling embarrassed about what happened, but also to tell the truth. She says, “Nobody is protected by anything. Everybody just wants to be famous. You can’t do that to people.”

CNN has since started an investigation into the matter and Chris Cuomo’s brother, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, commented on the case saying he found it “unacceptable” and wished someone had told him about it sooner.

CNN has received a lot of backlash for not suspending Cuomo after the allegations came out. One Twitter user said, “It’s really time to stop getting upset with women over coming forward about sexual assault/harassment. Many don’t because they are shamed, blamed, retaliated against and so on. This is the outcome.”

Another Twitter user said, “He has not been suspended? What does it take? Assaulting women is the job qualification now?!”

CNN hasn’t released an official statement about whether or not they will suspend Cuomo or if they believe his accuser.