March 23, 2023

Someone has hair on the head of a newborn baby, why doesn’t someone have it?

Children are the centerpiece of every family. As soon as this baby arrives, the rain of joy falls on the earth. But have you ever noticed that a newborn baby has very thick hair on his head and no baby has much hair on his head?

The answer may be unknown to many others.

Not every baby has the same hair density at birth.

Experts find out some information by doing research on this subject.

▶Hair growth on a child’s head depends entirely on heredity.

▶Researchers say that genetic factors and the influence of DNA play a major role in hair growth.

▶Fetal hair is usually formed after the 30th week of pregnancy.

If the hair on the baby’s head starts to grow at that time, then the hair density on that baby’s head will be higher.

Again, the baby may be born with less hair on the head or completely bald.

The reason for this, experts say, is that if the amount of calcium or any hormone in the mother’s body is low, less hair  formed on the baby’s head.

💨Doctors say not to worry about low hair density on the baby’s head.

Because whether or not a newborn baby has hair on its head does not depend on whether the baby will have good hair in the future or not.

In addition, hair loss is seen in the first six months of the baby’s life. Hair growth is not good for any child before one year.

Rather it depends on the care of the baby’s hair whether the baby’s hair will be of good quality or density. So if you want more concentration in the child’s hair,

pay more attention to keeping the baby’s skin and scalp clean and tidy.🔱