December 7, 2022

Tesla’s new model Y crossover can outperform its competitors

The price is 70,000 euros, which is the upper limit of the price range of these medium-sized crossovers.

Brand: Tesla

Model: Model Y

Year: 2021

Fuel: electricity

Revised date: October 14, 2021

Friday, October 15, 2021 08:00

First edition:
Friday, October 15, 2021 08:00

Tesla is accepting orders for the new Model Y Crossover in Ireland this weekend, starting at € 69,800 for the long-haul version. So what can customers expect?
Well, it’s a little more interior than the equivalent Model 3, and it’s hard to reach, but it’s the same sparsely arranged cabin.
And despite the growing number of competitors, we expect the same noise as customers ordering the latest additions to the brand, which is still the model for electric vehicles.
This crossover completes Tesla’s S3XY series. This is a nomenclature clearly designed by a group of teenage adults wearing laughing T-shirts. Still, it’s no worse than the researched forced labor of thousands of skilled marketing managers who make millions with established brands.

And by calling it a crossroads, Tesla is now hitting a sweet spot in the car market. However, Model Y’s style is probably the weakest link. It looks like a relatively crossover coupe in the profile, but looks very strange when viewed from the front and back. It’s functional and definitely aerodynamic, but when Elon Musk, made by engineers during the first development of the first Model S, sees the efforts and demands to create a sophisticated sporty style electric car, the model It’s a pity how dull it is. Y is. In his fascinating book on Tesla’s history, PowerPlay, The Wall Street Journal’s Tim Higgins explains how Musk worked with engineers and designers to create beautiful electric cars. This was the cause of constant conflicts during the development of the Model S. The spherical model Y looks like a win to wind tunnel engineers who think the drag coefficient is the determinant of any style function.

Internally, there is a shortage, as opposed to competitors who simply cannot eliminate the need for driver information. Most follow Tesla’s touchscreen approach, some copying a large tablet in the center, but still holding some buttons around the car. However, Tesla remains a fundamentalist with a determination to escape with buttons and knobs. The steering column has two stems and the steering wheel has only two bowls. What’s more, of course, a 15-inch touch screen with few menus to operate.

In terms of cruising range, Model Y claims 488 km on a full charge in the high-performance version and 507 km in the long-range version. Competitive with its competitors, Audi travels 508 km and the Ford Mustang Mach E offers up to 610 km with its wide rear-wheel drive. It is no exaggeration to say that none of these cars have left a great deal of anxiety to buyers these days. Tesla also has some additional benefits, including an expanded network of chargers that can pump 250 kW to the Model Y, which can charge up to less than 80% of the battery in less than 40 minutes. Other competitors have access to quick chargers, but most competitors can only charge up to 150kW.
And what is the price? Since then, regular software updates have been broadcast that add impressive and important new features to the car while in possession.
So it provides practicality and performance, but what about the price? From € 70,000, these medium-sized crossovers are at the upper end of the price range. After all, buyers over € 50,000 can go to another new competitor of the Model Y, including the premium brand Audi Q4 e-tron.

There is also a Tesla elephant in the room. The American brand is once again constantly improving in all areas, and this car seems to be far superior to the Tesla test cars we have driven in the past. Returning to Tim Higgins’ book, the discrepancy between the models in the range was a problem in early Tesla production. There was a report from the first customer when some Model 3s were released, but it’s not a problem for the entire model range and I don’t hear much about it now. Delayed arrival of right-hand drive models may be good news for Irish customers, as early markets may have solved the problems of early model Y.
Judging by competitors, this Tesla retains its own. The design doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes, but especially internally, the clean approach is fresher and more innovative than its competitors. It’s big enough for most families, and if you can live with it, it’s a better buy than the more expensive Model X. However, this is a big step from Model 3 and starts at € 49,990 from the standard version (range 448 km). Therefore, you can win all Tesla characters and awards in a more attractive car.
However, if you’re determined to follow the crossover route, this Tesla will match any of your new competitors. If price doesn’t matter, you can gain an edge.
Worst case: Tesla Model Y long range AWD
Power: 158kW front engine combined with 220kW rear engine equipped with Tesla’s 75kW battery
Range: 507 km
Price: € 69,800
Verdict: Relatively expensive, but enough to see your opponent