March 23, 2023
buffalo DNA test to find the owner

buffalo DNA test to find the owner

The forensic department instructed the buffalo DNA test to find the owner

A buffalo was lost about two years ago. The owner of the buffalo claimed that the buffalo had been found. But whoever has the buffalo now is not willing to give up his claim in any way.

In this situation, the police have ordered to test the buffalo’s DNA. News Genius.

💨According to a complaint filed by Chandrapal Kashyap, a laborer from Shamli in Madhya Pradesh, India, a three-year-old buffalo was stolen from his barn on August 25,

💨2020 during the Corona epidemic. Although later found, Satbir Singh of Saharanpur claimed it was his buffalo.

Due to the Corona epidemic, it was too late to investigate the allegations. Recently, the issue of this allegation came to the fore.

Shamli SP Sukriti Madhav has ordered DNA test of the buffalo to find the right owner. The mother buffalo belonging to Kashyap was also instructed to undergo DNA test.

SP Madhav said finding the real owner was really a challenge. However, as Kashyap claimed, the mother of the buffalo is still alive.

So we decided to test the DNA of both buffaloes. We will try to resolve the complaint on the basis of that result.

Meanwhile, when Kashyap was asked about this buffalo, he said that each buffalo has different characteristics.

It has spots on the legs and has a white patch on the edge of the tail.

The biggest thing is memory. As soon as I approached the buffalo, he recognized me and tried to approach me. What more could I want!🔱