March 23, 2023

The House Vote that Nancy Pelosi Pulled the Plug on Twice

California cities are experiencing a rise in positivity rates. The weather forecast is looking positive for this weekend, with low temperatures and light rain predicted. This article will discuss the timing of the coming storm, as well as information on wind warnings and flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

The weather forecast for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday is predicting light rain with highs near 61 degrees, lows at 42 degrees. The National Weather Service has issued wind warnings starting tonight until Monday afternoon. High winds are expected to be between 20-30 mph during the day today with gusts reaching over 50 mph. During the evening hours of Friday into Saturday, wind speeds are expected to reach 70 mph. Travelers are encouraged to avoid traveling if possible.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the entire state of California starting today until Tuesday afternoon. The rainfall is predicted to be especially heavy during this weekend, with an estimated 2-4 inches of rain per hour at times. The risk of flooding during this time is particularly high, with the most at-risk places listed below.

The National Weather Service recommends staying inside and avoiding travel if possible. If you must go outside, avoid walking through flooded areas. Furthermore, stay away from any fast-moving bodies of water or rushing rivers that may be able to sweep you away. If you see a flooded area and happen to be in a vehicle, turn around and find another way. Do not drive through flooded areas as you could end up stranded, stuck or drowned.

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