January 28, 2023

The Polish defender is not getting a place in the World Cup without a Russian club

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of the foreign players left the Russian club and joined another club. But locomotive Moscow’s Polish defender Machei Ribus signed a new contract with Russian club Spartak Moscow.

Due to which the Polish Football Association has decided not to consider him in the upcoming World Cup squad of Qatar.

Poland is known as a friend of Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the largest donors to Russia since its invasion. Therefore,

the football federation of Poland would not accept the decision about Rebus.

So the Polish Football Association has decided not to include him in the Qatar World Cup squad.

They announced their decision in a statement on Monday (June 20th).

Ribus, 32, has played six matches for Poland so far.

Earlier, Poland also refused to play Russia in the World Cup play-off semifinals.

After Russia was banned, the Polish got a walkover and reached the play-off final.

And there they lost to Sweden and got a ticket to Qatar.

National team coach of Poland Mikneevs has already told Ribus that he won’t be called up for the camp in September.

He will also not be considered for the Qatar World Cup 2022 squad.

The World Cup in Qatar is going to start on November 21. In Group C, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina are in Poland.🔱