November 22, 2022
The Russian forces did not allow the mayor of Kherson to stay

The Russian forces did not allow the mayor of Kherson to stay

The Russian forces did not allow the mayor of Kherson to stay

Ihor Kolikhayev, mayor of the Kherson region of Ukraine, has  detained for disobeying Moscow’s orders, Russia-based officials say.

Kherson’s mayor detained  security forces on Tuesday (June 26th), they said. However, local officials in Kherson claim that Mayor Kolikhayev has abducted.

Kherson is a port city in the Black Sea, according to Reuters. Its location is just northwest of the Russian-affiliated Crimean Peninsula.

The city  captured by Russian forces in the first week of a military operation in Ukraine in February. Since then, a large part of the local population has left the area.

“I can say for sure that Kolikhayev (the mayor) has  captured by the commandant (military police),”

said Ekaterina Gubareva, deputy head of the Moscow-appointed Kherson region, about the mayor’s removal.

“The mayor  abducted for refusing to cooperate with the Russian occupation of Ukraine,”

said Halina Layashevskaya, an adviser to Kherson’s mayor, Ihor Kolikhayev.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “terrorist.”

He made the remarks after a Russian missile strike on a busy shopping center in central Ukraine killed 13 people.

Local time on Monday (June 26) afternoon,

a sudden and terrible explosion took place in a busy shopping center in the town of

Kremenchuk in the Paltava region of Ukraine.

The fire spread to the whole building at that moment. There is black smoke all around.

At this time everyone was  running around. Authorities said there were more than a thousand people in the mall at the time.

So many casualties feared in the blast.

Several units of the fire brigade rushed to the spot soon after the attack. The injured  rescued and sent to hospital. The city’s mayor fears many still trapped under the rubble.

According to the BBC, Ukraine has blamed Russian forces for the attack. In a statement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called the shopping mall attack “the most shameless terrorist attack in European history.”

He also called for an emergency meeting of the

UN Security Council on the recent killing of civilians in a Russian missile strike.🔱