January 28, 2023
The sinking of the evil city of Port Royal

The sinking of the evil city of Port Royal

The sinking of the evil city of Port Royal

Remember that scene from the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’? Where the pirate ship is floating in the middle of the sea even in stormy water.

Although pirates have been seen in print in story books or on the big screen, in reality they had their base on Earth.

The city became the center not only of pirates but also of sex trade.

From Spain to Britain, all the rulers had their eyes on that city.

The rulers were busy capturing the city of Port Royal on the southeast coast of Jamaica.

The city was initially occupied by Spain.

Looting also continued after British General Oliver Cromwell sent men to occupy the Port Royal area.

By 1600, this area of ​​Jamaica was completely under the control of the English.

In fact, after Boston, Port Royal was considered one of the most important places in Europe. Port Royal was known as the worst city in the world.

While pirates and sex-traders were the main attractions of Port Royal, the English flocked here for another reason. Most of the people who lived in this town were slaves.

The British used to trade slaves from this city.

In 1662, Port Royal had a population of 740, but three decades later, the population jumped to nearly 10,000. A quarter of this population were slaves.

After the arrival of the British, more than two thousand houses were built in this city

The sinking of the evil city of Port Royal

The British also built a total of 6 forts across the city.

All in all, the city of Port Royal was quite magnificent. But in June 1692, the entire city was reduced to ruins.

On the morning of June 7, a terrible earthquake shook the entire city. The intensity of the tremor was 7.5. Most of the city, starting from the fort, was submerged under water.

Lieutenant Governor Henry Morgan’s grave was also submerged. Many residents of the city died in this accident.

After the accident, the number of thefts in the city increased. Not only that, the city of Port Royal is frequently hit by various natural disasters.

Gradually this 17th century city turned into ruins. However, many traces of this ancient city still remain under 40 feet of water.

Since the 1950s, divers have dived underwater to find the city. In 1999, the city was added to the list of National Heritage Sites.