December 5, 2022

The Trump Organization: Cy Vance and a Special Grand Jury

The District Attorney for Manhattan, Cy Vance, has convened a special grand jury to investigate potential criminal charges against Donald Trump and his family. The move comes after the DA failed to convince the regular grand jury that there was enough evidence of wrongdoing in their dealings with Deutsche Bank or Cohen to bring an indictment.

The grand jury will be investigating, among other things, a payment made by the Trump Foundation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in 2013. The amount was $25,000 and it was the only donation that the foundation ever made to anyone outside of itself. One can’t help but wonder if they just found themselves 25K short one night. The donation was made as Bondi was deciding whether to investigate Trump University, an online course that promised to teach students how to earn a living as a real estate tycoon.

The special grand jury is still empaneled from the investigation into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort for his dealings with Ukrainian oligarchs and other sketchy characters. But they have been told to drop everything else while they investigate potential misdeeds by the president and his family.

The investigation is expected to be a long one so it isn’t likely there will be any immediate indictments. However, several people close to Trump are nervous because of what he spent all that money on when he was buying up Florida real estate through his foundation.

Seventy five thousand dollars went to a man who was selling paintings of Trump and another thirty thousand dollars went to a guy who owns a chain of tanning salons. The money is all they have going for them at the moment since neither one of those two gentleman has any plans on running for Congress or Senate in the near future. The painting guy has already put his paintings up for sale on EBay, but hasn’t received any bids yet.

There is also the matter of the two hundred grand that Trump gave to Pam Bondi’s political action committee when she was deciding whether or not to investigate Trump University. That investigation never did get off the ground because Pam’s office determined that there was no wrongdoing.

The real estate courses were very popular with the people who bought them, but they eventually ran afoul of state regulators. For instance, one graduate came away with an advanced degree in being disappointed that she hadn’t made any money on her real estate deals even though she had sunk $25K into them.

Back in 2013, both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were given $5K each by the Trump Foundation to help them out with their individual political campaigns for Senate. However, neither one of them was willing to accept the money because they didn’t want any taint associated with Donald Trump’s sour grapes about Obama getting into Harvard Law Review when he wasn’t even on the ballot.

In Trump’s defense, he is just a businessman trying to boost his brand and has nothing but the best intentions for everyone. It also helps him with his endorsement of Groucho Marx’s philosophy on loyalty: Love me, love my dog.