January 28, 2023
The wife sought a concubine for her husband

The wife sought a concubine for her husband

The wife sought a concubine for her husband

No wife may want to see another woman with her husband. But Thailand’s Pathima Chamnan is not in that team. He appointed a beautiful and educated concubine for her husband.

This 44-year-old woman from Bangkok claims that she has not slept with her husband for a long time. This matter bothers him. Makes her feel guilty as a wife. After that, he posted a video advertisement looking for a mistress for his husband. Later the incident went viral on social media.

  • In the video, Pathima Chamnan is young, single and looking for a woman with a diploma from college. She agreed to pay 15,000 Thai baht as a salary to become a mistress, which is about 40,000 taka in Bangladeshi currency.
  • In the video, Pathima says, ‘I want to appoint three concubines for my husband. You will get 15 thousand baht for this every month. Staying and eating together is free. But you have to help me too. Two people will be assigned to help with office and documents. The other will take care of me, my husband and children. I promise you will not have any trouble with me.
  • She also said, ‘My husband works hard. I want to see him happy. Also I need some friends at home. But the candidate cannot have any children. It has many obstacles. They have to be tasteful and sincere.’
  • Saying that she is doing this with the intention of pleasing her husband, Pathima said, “My girlfriends must provide company and entertainment to my husband.

For that, they must be personable and cheerful

The wife sought a concubine for her husband

Explaining the reason for seeking a concubine for her husband, she said, “I am suffering from depression and also have physical problems. That’s why I can’t take care of my husband. Don’t sleep with him. Guilt works in itself.’

Her husband Pattagorn was shocked after the matter went viral on social media. However, he did not object to this decision of his wife. He said, ‘My wife told me she wanted someone to look after her. These women will be considered as members of the family. They will also work in our organization. Other men now aspire to be like me. Never thought of a mistress. But when my wife proposed, I did not object.

A 33-year-old woman has already been appointed as a concubine.