November 22, 2022
Those who live forever with happiness and sorrow

Those who live forever with happiness and sorrow

Those who live forever with happiness and sorrow

Congratulations to all fellow sports journalists on World Sports Journalist Day today. I don’t know if there is such a day to celebrate in any other branch of journalism.

But the love, interest and enthusiasm you have shown in this profession,

even if not considered as the mainstream of journalism; Especially in our country, you deserve such a day.

I have  involved in this wonderful profession for almost 25 years and still enjoy every day at work.

I know many of you are enjoying it in the same way. Although there are many elements of depression around.

Sometimes the work can seem tedious. Especially when there is no success story to write or tell.

But keep in mind, there is a line of light at the end of all tunnels.

I started at a time when playground success was very rare. The tide of football is flowing,

the national cricket team has not won in five years, the success in other sports is as little.

Yet I have remained in this profession despite the easy opportunity to change professions.

Those who live forever with happiness and sorrow

I know for sure, many of you also had a lot of opportunities.

Succeeding in sports journalism depends on how much you enjoy it.

You don’t have to be a sports bug.

Fans are not usually good sports journalists. Because, they don’t see more than what they want to see.

But it is important to be a sports fan. Manchester United club or company,

if you do not know the chances of success in this profession are slim.

Financially, sports journalism is not very motivating. It is true that some people are world travelers due to this profession.

However, most of the time spent at the desk calculating runs, wickets, points and goals.

Some quickly fall into their own office. If you don’t want to go to another desk, you can leave the office after a certain age.

There is an option of freelancing. But that is not the case in our country. So you always have to live with uncertainty.

Yet some never give up. You are like those poets who, the more hungry, the better.

Happiness and sorrow go hand in hand in sports. Tears well up in the eyes of one group as they celebrate.

You live with these two. By doing this, you can live happily in the midst of many hardships.

No other profession offers this opportunity. Congratulations again.🔱