January 28, 2023
Thrilling yet forbidden places in the world

Thrilling yet forbidden places in the world

Thrilling yet forbidden places in the world

Many like new places, new people, new thrills. But do you know that there are many areas in this world where the entry of common people strictly prohibited.

Places in the world where people  strict restrictions on entry. North Sentinel Island is an island of Andaman. Tribal people live there.

They have no contact with the outside world. They have completely rejected modern civilization. They are very violent in nature.The Government of India maintains the territory and its people.

Entry of general public  strictly prohibited there.

Shrine tradition is very popular in Japan. It  known that there are about 8 thousand shrines in Ise Grand Shrine. This temple  rebuilt every 20 years and meticulously maintained. No commoners can enter unless they are members of the royal family.

  • One of the most dangerous islands in the world is Snake Island in Brazil. This island is the base of the venomous species of Puthivir snakes. The Brazilian government has issued a legal ban on public entry.
  • China’s Tomb of Qin Shi Huang is the tomb of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang. Who died about 2000 years ago. Even after all these years, this tomb remains intact. Which is really a mystery. The Chinese government has banned the entry of ordinary people there.

160 residents live on Niihau Island in America. Only their relatives or US military personnel  allowed to enter the island. Common people not allowed to enter there. The island  mainly maintained for its natural beauty.