November 22, 2022

‘Tufan-Tiger-Bahadur-Manik’ ready to go to market

In order to overcome the loss of corona in the last two years, about four thousand farmers in Kumarkhali upazila of Kushtia  reared different breeds of cows this time.

Kushtia cattle is always in high demand in different districts of the country including Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

So the farmers of Kushtia  made preparations ahead of Eid-ul-Adha.

They have prepared cows of different names including Tufan, Tiger, Bahadur and Manik.

There is also a similarity of these cows with the name. These cows weigh 1600 to 1800 kg or 40 to 45 lbs.

Some of them may be taken to Dhaka and some to Chittagong in the hope of making extra profit. However,

there is a fear among the farmers that cows will be imported from the neighboring countries.

Saiful Islam, a farmer from Raydanga village in Kaya union of Kumarkhali upazila, claimed that Tiger and Tufan are the biggest cows in the upazila.


ready to go to market
ready to go to market

He said Tiger and Tufan were born on his own farm three years ago. Since birth, he has nurtured them by eating local food without any harmful drugs.

People from different areas flock every day to see the tiger and the storm. Buyers are coming too. Saiful Islam has lost Rs 32 lakh for his two cows.

  • Swaran Ahmed, another farmer of the upazila, kept a local cow named Bahadur as a hobby and surprised the locals.
  • Swaran Ahmed has nurtured Bahadur as a hobby along with his studies. He wants to sell Bahadur this Eid. The huge body of Bahadur will weigh about 1200 kg.
  • Swaran claims that his bravery is the best among the sacrificial cows of the local breed of the upazila this year.

In Kumarkhali upazila, farmers have reared 25,899 cows in 3,008 farms this year. Half of which will meet the local demand, the rest will meet the demand of the country.

Kumarkhali Upazila Animal Resources Officer. Noor Alam Siddiqui said that the Animal Resources Department gives various suggestions to the farmers.

He said the animals kept by the farmers ahead of Eid-ul-Adha would help meet the demand of the country by meeting the local demand.🔱